Community Training

Do you need more support?

Caregivers in the community can participate in topical classes with ongoing (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) BCBA led training courses to better equip the caregiver with techniques for positive behavior change at home and in the community.

Family focus Level I

This four-week program serves any parent or caregiver in the community seeking more training on concerns they have with their child.

TIME: 1 night each week for 2 hours

This BCBA led parent training course targets issues and concerns with challenging behaviors, communication, and/or socialization to provide tools and strategies that can be used in the home or community.

Enrollment includes:

  • Space for up to three parents, family members, or caregivers
  • Childcare for child and siblings
  • Light refreshments
  • Materials for each session

Family Focus Level II

This program serves any parent or caregiver that has completed Level I Training and is seeking more specific or individualized tools and strategies.

PLACE: Home-Based
TIME: 1 night each week for 1-2 hours

Enrollment includes:

  • An assigned therapist with specific goals and tools for home and community
  • Active participation from parents, caregivers, siblings, and child of concern
  • Modeling/Role playing of specific tools and strategies
  • Materials for each session