Is your child struggling to eat?

Feeding Clinic

Our Feeding Clinic is implemented using principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Instructional techniques include evidence-based strategies such as differential reinforcement of an alternative behavior (DRA), sequential reinforcement, simultaneous reinforcement, shaping, texture fading, and bite size fading.

Would our Feeding clinic help you?

Who is our feeding clinic for?

Most often, parents deal with a picky eater. Often times, children may reach for junk food, request fast foods, or sweets instead of reaching for healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables. Meal times can also become a stressful task and can result in food refusal, tantrums, gagging and even vomiting. There is research that indicates a large percentage of children with autism may experience difficulties with feeding resulting in preferring specific brands, colors and textures.

Does my child need this?

  • Does mealtime cause stress or anxiety?
  • Does the child eat fewer than 30 different foods?
  • Does the child only eat processed foods such as pretzels, chips, or crackers?
  • Does the child limit foods by brands or eat only one texture?
  • Does the child engage in challenging behavior when new foods are presented?

About the clinic

Setting of the feeding clinic

Our Feeding Clinic is provided in settings wherever difficulties of feeding are experienced. This can be in the home, at your child’s school, a childcare center, or at your family’s favorite restaurant.

Interdisciplinary Model

An intake assessment is first conducted and we welcome input from your physicians and therapist in order to create an intervention plan. In some cases, a release from your physician my be required. Families are encouraged to seek nutritional consultation before, during, and after feeding clinics. If you have an aba team, we are able to train and supervise to carry out feeding clinic instructions.

Frequency and Intensity of services

We believe that consistency and intensity yields the best results. Services are provided at every meal, followed by a 6-week consultation schedule. Our experience has shown that most children show a positive improvement with one week of intensive therapy.

Generalization and Maintenance

Feeding clinic is only successful if the skills and behaviors generalize to other people and other settings as well as maintain as the child ages. Our program is designed to ensure long-term maintenance of feeding skills. We are available for additional consultations after your child has completed the program. We also encourage participation from all members of your child’s team: parents, teachers, therapy providers and ABA therapy providers.

Cost for services

Feeding clinic services may be covered by your insurance provider and it may also require a preauthorization. Although we can and will provide services in a variety of locations, parents are expected to prepare all meals.

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