Autism Early Intervention & School Readiness

Early intervention is the way to help your child reach their full potential

Our Early Intervention and School Readiness programs works with children, one-on-one and in small groups. They work on early social skills encouraging cooperative play, sharing, and communication with peers.

We work on things like increasing attention spans, following multi-step directions, and personal hygiene, like washing hands and early living skills like putting things away and cleaning off a table.

Our rooms look like rooms in Daycares, Preschool classrooms to help children naturally experience things like game time, small group activities, circle time and playground activities.

We meet with the parents or caregivers weekly to support the child’s progress.

What is Early intervention?

  • Foundational skills assessment
  • Play skills and early social skills such as parallel play with peers, cooperative play, peer conversations, concepts of sharing, playing appropriately with toys, imaginative play, and independent play
  • Skill development through language, imitation and increased attention through motor lab, playground, and other appropriate settings
  • Small group skills practiced in circle time, game time, singing, and other small group activities
  • Emphasis on naturalistic teaching techniques
  • Foundational self-care skills like personal hygiene
  • Ongoing parent and caregiver training to support the child’s progress

What is School readiness?

  • Foundational skills assessment
  • Dedicated daily direct therapy based on need
  • Small group and large group skills accomplished through calendar time, sitting and attending to teacher with 2-3 peers, and large group skills include time like PE and other large group activities
  • Emphasis on naturalistic teaching techniques
  • Age appropriate social skills like sharing, turn taking, working together, cooperative play, and conversational speaking
  • Self-monitoring includes continued engagement in activities, following multi-step directions, and completing assigned tasks
  • Classroom readiness includes attending to tasks longer, following directions, beginning independent work, and
    classroom etiquette
  • Early living skills like cleaning tables, sweeping, putting things away, and other household responsibilities
  • Ongoing parent and caregiver training to support the child’s progress