Job skills training

FOCUS on the Job is for ages 14 and older. We provide therapy in center or job site. The overall goal is to build knowledge and independence of appropriate vocational responsibilities and job-related social skills in order to gain and maintain employment.

FOCUS on the Job training starts in center with an assessment and goal setting for each client. The goals for the client are to learn to work independently, how to manage and follow multi-step tasks, knowing when to ask for help, communication skills with supervisors, peers, and customers. In addition, we work with the client to build knowledge of appropriate vocational responsibilities such as time management, self-management, and also appropriate work relationships (Co-worker/Supervisor relationships).

Our FOCUS on the Job offers opportunities for independence. FOCUS has partnered with several local businesses such as a bakery, museum, plant nursery, and grocery store. This program is designed to provide job skills training to transition-age clients that may lead to further employment opportunities.

Part two of this program focuses on specific job skills. Once the client masters the assigned goals, they are moved to volunteer in a community business (based on their training). To ensure the client is ready to work independently, a FOCUS therapist works alongside to support not only the client, but to train the employer and create strategic goals for all parties involved. The end goal is to increase their work skills, leading them to working independently under a potential employer’s supervision, and to build their job skills training for future employment opportunities.


Ages: 14 years and older
FOCUS will conduct an initial assessment and establish client centered transition planning.


  • Verbal or independent mode of communication
  • Low to no physical aggression
  • Able to answer multiple-choice questions (written or verbally)
  • Score at least 40% or higher on initial assessment

PHASE 1: Introduction to Job Skills

  • Job-related social skills
  • Supervisor relationships
  • Co-worker relationships
  • Time management
  • Self-management
  • GOAL: Building knowledge of appropriate vocational responsibilities and relationships

PHASE 2: Job Skills Curriculum Training

  • Training in a FOCUS center on specific job skills
  • Followed by unpaid internship on job site training
  • GOAL: Reach independence in specific job skills and maintain Phase 1 skills with hopes to secure employment with internship site